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Air Foodlift Subsidy

Ensuring a Healthier Lifestyle and Providing Access to Coastal Labradorians

The Air Foodlift Subsidy (AFS) program was established by the Province in 1997 to ensure that nutritious, perishable items such as fruit, vegetables and dairy products were available to Labrador’s coastal communities. Under the AFS program, a subsidy is paid to retail stores to offset the high cost of flying perishable foods into these communities. Retailers are required to pass these savings on to the consumer on the cost of goods sold.

Changes to the AFS Program

As a result of the Federal Government replacing its Food Mail program with a restructured Nutrition North Canada (NNC) program effective April 1, 2011, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has made adjustments to the provincial Air Foodlift Subsidy program:

  • 100 per cent air freight subsidy, after the NNC subsidy is applied, on fresh milk is available year round for eligible communities;
  • 80 per cent of the air freight cost, after the federal NNC subsidy is applied, is covered for eligible food items for all eligible communities year round;
  • Revised eligible food list to coincide with Category 1 of the NNC program; and
  • Retailers/Wholesalers must be registered with the NNC to be eligible for the AFS program.

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